Workshop to Explore CTF in Academic Security Utility

A gathering of the most brilliant hackers and cyber security researchers in the world!
Hosted by Pwndevils



The Workshop to Explore CTF in Academic Security Utility is a free-to-attend two day long gathering of the top academic CTFers that is to be held at ASU's Tempe Campus on May 4th and May 5th of 2019.

WECTFinASU is open to all academic CTFers and cyber security scholars interested in learning from the best! Lectures / presentations will be geared towards other top CTFers however students of all skill levels are invited and encouraged to attend.

Members from PPP (Carnegie Mellon’s CTF team), RPISEC (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s CTF team), Shellphish (University of California, Santa Barbara's CTF team), and Pwndevils (Arizona State University's CTF team) are already confirmed to attend.


  • Top tier CTF teams will hold workshops on a multitude of topics from CTF strategies to bleeding edge pwning techniques!
  • Presentations on bleeding edge researchers by cyber security researchers!

Other Events

  • Networking between a CTFers that classically only see each once a year at DEFCON CTF!
  • Discussions of state-of-the-art CTF tooling, strategies, and anything the presenters feel is worth sharing!

Can I present?

  • All attendees are free and encouraged to give presentations if time permits!
  • There is almost no restriction on topics- anything you think is worth sharing may be presented; just remember that your audience is skilled CTFers!
  • The primary restriction is that your presentation cannot be a marketing campaign; do not try to sell a product or you will be asked to stop.
  • Contact us below!


This event has been organized by pwndevils. The official point of contact with the pwndevils concerning this workshop is Zachary Wimer. If you are in the Pwndevils slack message @zwimer.