You have reached the amazingly awesome page of the pwndevils, a hacking group started at Arizona State University. We love learning about computer systems and competing in Capture the Flag to demonstrate our computer security knowledge.

About The Club

Meeting Times

pwndevils teaching meetings: Monday 4:45pm–6:30pm, BYENG 210

pwndevils competition meetings: Weekends (as annouced), BYENG 4th Floor

Please see the mailing list for more info


Joining the pwndevils is easy, everyone is welcome!
Simply join the mailing list. Meeting times, meeting locations, and CTFs that we will participate in are sent out in our discord. To get an invite to the discord, just ask for one in the mailing list.


pwndevil officers make things go: they organize meetings, get food for meetings (yay), and are generally awesome people.

Root: Zion Basque
V33P: Hannah Edge
Banker: wes4m

Faculty Advisors

The pwndevils would not exist without the support of the following faculty members (who try to hack right alongside the team)


Here's our calendar of events (meetings and CTFs that we participate in):


Here are some recording of our meetings in the past:

Getting Started

New to CTFs and computer security in general? No problem, the pwndevils got you covered (we were all curious newbies at one point)!

Most of the CTF challenges require a Linux machine (installing Ubuntu 16.04 or the latest LTS in a virtual machine is pretty easy), as most of the binaries in most of the competitions run on Linux.

A lot of our recent challenges run best on Docker so we recommend installing that as well.

Also great is to work your way through the OverTheWire war-games: Bandit is the game that's targeted towards beginners, and it helps you get familiar with linux environments. The other games are great, and get more and more difficult (in a good way).

We've been collecting/creating a set of CTF challenges, as well as custom challenges, that run on docker at

For web hacking, Google has a good practice/testing web application.


The pwndevils team was started in 2009 by Mike Mabey and Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn, however it ended up dormant until revived in 2015 by Mike Mabey and Dr. Adam Doupé. Dr. Doupé has continued to act as the Advisor of the club. Dr. Yan Shoshitaishvili has been added as an advisor of the club since Fall of 2017. You can find our constition here.